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  1. Yeah i hope so. i hope it will be fast enough to load and do turns. because it has alot of potential, and remember that most AOC2 players are Mobile players
  2. This mod kinda reminds me of RVBomally's Axis and Allies map https://rvbomally.deviantart.com/art/Axis-and-Allies-466064325
  3. I am excited for when the world map will be completed. when the map is completed and the mod works, can any other modder use the mod as basis for their mod if they want to use the world map?
  4. Same. once the map will be done, i hope Kerem can let other modders use it for their mods because the map is better than the vanilla one by far
  5. Just by looking at the extremely detailed map makes me hyped up for it. Good work! Hope you will make a Discord server and a Android port
  6. @Astolfois there a blank map of this mod? If not, can the creator of the mod make it? The provinces look great!
  7. So that means there won't be an Android version?
  8. Oh i am interested in this mod since it has Focus Trees. those will be very good to use for @Aryan's mod which i contribute to alot
  9. Hope you're gonna make an Android version of this so i don't have to get on PC anymore when i need to add more music, flags, leaders, civs, and portraits for all things i gotta add in the TNO mod (i added After Midnight, SS Civil War, Deunifiers for all Russian regions, Karelian Autonomy, South Urals content, Kingdom of Kaukasia, and Militarbezirk Russland so far, all on PC), especially adding flags as the normal PC process is painfully hard and long for me
  10. technically, Aktau still exists but now only available in the aftermath of the collapse of Taboritsky's Russia, and with a new name, and became like some sort of Kazakh Omsk
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