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  1. I wonder if more content/focus tree-via events for Germany will be added. Tomsk having more events being used as substitute for focus trees can be done for any country. like, after Speer winning the GCW, then picking some certain events would lead to Schmidt in power, or some other events leading to Dengist Speer
  2. nice, Tomsk under Shostakovich will be very interesting
  3. Good. I am thinking to help Aryan to make a server specifically for Aryan's mod, and allowing both HOI4 players and AOC2 players in, and from both sides the TNO fans strictly. You and me can help him together
  4. I guess this way focus trees of every nations can be added
  5. Aryan, do you think we should make a Discord server specifically for your TNO adaptation? We can bring in anyone from TNO community as well as AOC community if they want to contribute to your mod There is already a mod for TNO-style flags TNO-style portraits already exist in your mod but not the style of the flags
  6. I think more Reichkommisariats should be available especially for those who want to re-enact Goring's Wild Ride https://m.imgur.com/a/qH98QsL https://m.imgur.com/a/jEpNIYx Both of these pages show how much Reichkommisariats can be made out of the world conquest. a new RKs can be made out of conquering all regions they are part of, such as making RK Balkan if conquering all Balkans for example Look at both pages and all images to see all RKs all over Earth the flags and leaders for RKs should be replicated as well to add nuance to all of them the only RK that shoul
  7. Good. maybe can make a Discord server for the development of Aryan's TNO
  8. I meant Samara grabbing land from Omsk just like that without even War happening. I think it could be a bug, like how i saw WRRF taking Vologda also without War. When i played Amur a few days ago, i did not attack Magadan yet the event showing Magadan defeat happened anyways and i got all Magadan lands
  9. in the future maybe Omsk will become one of the easiest Russian warlords to play as. only Player lead (maybe not AI lead too likely) Omsk would always be guaranteed uniting Russia by late 60s (1967 at earliest if player gets very lucky) and triggering the Great Trial event by early 70s (1971 at earliest). Omsk after being lead by Yazov in 1963 should have by event (after taking Karbyshev Omsk), 100% population stability (making it easier to beat Tyumen and Sverdlovsk without needing so much money to assimilate starting provinces post-Karbyshev) and starting 3000 Army in the capital, and after
  10. Also here is a map of a campaign i had in the past. I played as both Vyatka and Omsk. I unified Western Russia as Vyatka, then Western Siberia as Omsk, then united both of them, and drove towards the Far East and Central Asia. I took all Reichkommissariats and by 1971 when the game ended i was planning to defeat Turkey (which had all Romania by then, while Croatia had Bulgaria) and Finland. I renamed the Vyatka-Omsk fusion into the Second Russian Empire, and i even moved the capital to Moscow
  11. The map looks better now in this update, less darker. also all Russian warlords should be given more population, more starting money and army, and full assimilation of provinces in just 15 turns, so as to have an equal chance at quicker unification before 1970 as i stated before. When i played Omsk once i lost alot of southern Urals to Samara, is that an error?
  12. Improvements such as faster (like before 1970) unification, more funding for more troops, easier and quicker assimilation (100 stable province with 100% of population belonging to that country after conquest in about 20 turns)? I can see that. Good luck developing further, maybe more people will help you out soon, i wish i would if i could
  13. Yes i agree, i wish all that would be added, sadly it will not. But it would make the mod much more better and the gameplay would be as fast as in the actual TNO, plus conquering would be 90% easier and it would not be slow and hard even with AI aggression lowered. if i knew how to dev i would help Aryan with the mod to add all the possible features i suggested.
  14. Aryan, your mod is great but needs more work and update. for instance the world map is too dark, even darker than the actual TNO from HOI4, make it more lighter looking. and buff Russian warlords by giving more starting money for them and more events that can raise troops, like how Omsk gets buffed up against Zlatoust. also when i first played Omsk, it ended in 1981 and still did not manage to unite Russia entirely, only the Western half. all Russian warlords should be given an equal chance at winning fast to unite Russia by 1969. so assimilating Russian provinces should be made easier, like h
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