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  1. We completed many scenarios in a short time, but we learned that there was a problem on the map, so we draw all the states from scratch, we have already completed 500 states.
  2. Background complete Thank you urdekreize who made the background 🙂
  3. We are looking for someone to help us in the background. Those who want to help add Wanda#3257
  4. I edited the translation was wrong
  5. We Wanted Adapt The Victoria II Game To The Aoh2 Game İn The Most Similar Way Let Me Tell You Immediately What Happens In Victoria II Mode -New İdelogies -Victoria II Soundtrack -Victoria II İcons -New Leaders -New Formable Civilizations - +90 Scenarios -A Victoria II Like Background Soon... Tr:Victoria II Oyununu Aoh2 Oyununa En Benzer Şekilde Uyarlamak istedik Victoria II Modunda Neler Olduğunu Hemen Söyliyeyim. -Yeni İdeolojiler -Victoria II Müzikleri -Victoria II İconları -Yeni Liderler -Yeni Şekillendirilebilir Senaryolar - +90 Senaryo -Victoria II ya benzeyen bir arka pl
  6. What does this group promise you: Do you know anything about Aoh2? You will learn in this group, actually Because the directors of the Our aim is to create a community and learn how to make aoh2 mod, scenario with this community! It is both fun and information, join https://discord.gg/fMCcC8KQ
  7. Scenario idea: What if Britain and France never reached Africa
  8. İç savaş çıkan bölgelerde ekonomi 99 da kaliyor ve bu hiç bir şekilde yükselmiyor bu düzeltilecekmi? Örnek:Türkiyede tur başına 9 bin altın alırken iç savaş çıktığında bu sayı 6500 oluyor.
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