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  1. No dude we are making this just we paused for two months now we are working this isn't death bro. I am making it mostly solo that's why we are slow
  2. In that time no state can fight ottoman 1vs1 because ottomans were f.cking powerful so it doesnt change the success of the winged hussars
  3. https://discord.gg/vnfbUta3tX Here is our discord link, people will come will work on our projects. Our Community Group https://discord.gg/VnHzQupcQy Our Youtube And Our The March Teaser
  4. Well, we will have greater ottomans achievement:)
  5. Welcome to ottoman mod, one of the best historical mods you can play. Get ready to feel like Magnificient Süleyman and put on your sword! 🤴🏻🗡⚔ Now, Our March To The Wien Is Started! 🕍 Here Is The Features Of Mod: 🏴🏴‍☠️🌍🗽🔥 - New Sounds👨🏻‍✈️ - New Color Palette - New City Names🗡 - New Background👊🏻 - Achevements✔ - New UI🐱‍🐉 - Missions🌍 - New Musics🤳🏻🎵 - Power Balance💪🏻 - New Civilizations🌐 - Cores - Leader Changes🏴‍☠️ - Random Events🔥 - New Ottoman Leaders☪ SCENERİOS 1282: Dead of
  6. You are welcome to join it https://discord.gg/JDPhvvKP. Every modder are welcome 🙂
  7. Şöyle, bu bir mod pack aslında. İçinde 0'dan 2000'lere kadar bir sürü mod olduğu için ve tarihteki her önemli gelişmeye bir mod yaptığımız için uzun süre alacak. 1700'lerde ilerleme kaydettik, ve bir sürü alternatif mod da yaptık. Ama kaiserreich'ın çıkışına 2 hafta verebiliriz. Kapütülasyon sistemini ise düşüneceğiz, asimilasyon sistemini ise oyuna ekleyeceğiz.
  8. Hayır, .çalışmalarımız sürüyor. Tabii sınavlar nedeniyle aralıklarla çalışıyoruz.
  9. It is a great mod. We need a hearts of iron mod
  10. 😞 It is sad but you are f...cking right
  11. It has been 2 weeks since the "ModCap" team posted the promotional post we recently opened. During this time, we said let's inform you about the improvements we made for our players. For this reason, we will present you the improvements we have made in the last 2 weeks. Let's get started now - 1699: The Great Wars We designed 100 events for the mode. We've set up event diplomacy and alliances for the Great Northern War and the Spanish Succession Wars. Technological adjustments were also made. You will feel like playing hearts of iron IV in the game that gives a realistic atmosphere
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