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  1. I don't know, since this map was made by Lukasz and not me.
  2. I Know the reason of the crash: It's because in the scenario floder there's a flie called "Age_of_Civilizations" wich causes the bugged scenarios to appear. You could fix that by replacing the content of the file with this: 1605219718878bhuztvbo;1605283999221qytflyai;1605284861721mpfhuddi;1605304238693vmhoufkn;1605304861862gjbfjkat;1605379618041emnugtvo;1605390909678mnezqfcm;1605787772410efmxsnxx;2021+;coldwar;coldwar2;2000;2020;brraj;barb;gersur;japsur;ndww;1632659700962feeydksa;ww1;ww22;1632759287408asyazjho;ww11;ww111;ussr;ruswar;
  3. AoHA+ is a modification dedicated to Improving vanilla Age of History Asia. The aim of this mod is to add new scenarios, civilizations and formable countries to improve Age of History Asia. I added too new types of government and changed the UI a bit to improve the game. THE MOD IS CURRENTLY A BETA, and for now only the Twentieth and Twenty oneth century are improved Scenarios: Other Content: 300 New Civilizations (Version 0.1) 800 New Civilizations (Version 0.2); 40 New Formable Civilizations (Version 0.1) 100 New Formable Civilizations (Version 0.2); 14 Ty
  4. Easy: Go to the folder game/languages/civilizations. Then open the file of the language where you want to add the name. then type that: tag_government tag = New Civilization name here's an example:
  5. Thank You, (Updated the map image in the new version)
  6. This mod contains: A huge map of africa with 2818 provinces, 308 cities, 18 scenarios, 26 Formable Civilizations Some of the scenarios are: Modern Day States of The Union of South Africa 1959 1941 French Colonial Provinces WWII WWI 1900 Russian invasion of Sagallo 1887 Victorian Era The first boer War The Italo-Ethiopian War The Libyan Civil War And Others.. Also there is a second map where the Sahara is a giant plain (with the same amount of provinces of the first map) [feature re
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