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  1. I Need someone who knows coding to change a line in Game_Action for me. The objective is to made possible the change leader function. In exchange i can teach how to put a loading screen, or make some art/Ui in the style you want. This is my mod in question>
  2. The mod is alive, its just hard to make everything alone. If you have experience modding call me, i need a team.
  3. Ok, i am back from the army, i will start working in the mod as soon as i can, expect some att in the next few days
  4. Hello hope you fine

    1. DasSoldat88


      im fine, this month i will return to mod developing


  5. What happened you

    1. DasSoldat88


      Military service, soon i will return to att the mod


  6. Pleases reply new order reading what say

  7. Reason for follow (just curious)

    1. DasSoldat88


      Im new in the forum, just want to see content and gain new followers


    2. Xjento


      sure man we create share and download mods

  8. From now on we have an official calendar for the Mod. 09/15 - v0.1 - Alpha with 5 playable campaigns, all US warlords. 09/29 - v0.5 - Alpha with 20 playable campaigns, all US warlords. 10/28 - v1.0 - Released with all playable warlords. 12/11 - v1.1 The Powers - Campaigns for Russia, Germany, UK, China, Brazil, India and Japan. 11/25 - V1.2 Middle East on fire - Campaigns for Turkey, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. So far this is planned but eventually we will have detailed and complex campaigns for almost every nation.
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