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  1. Pleases reply new order reading what say

  2. Reason for follow (just curious)

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      Im new in the forum, just want to see content and gain new followers


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      sure man we create share and download mods

  3. From now on we have an official calendar for the Mod. 09/15 - v0.1 - Alpha with 5 playable campaigns, all US warlords. 09/29 - v0.5 - Alpha with 20 playable campaigns, all US warlords. 10/28 - v1.0 - Released with all playable warlords. 12/11 - v1.1 The Powers - Campaigns for Russia, Germany, UK, China, Brazil, India and Japan. 11/25 - V1.2 Middle East on fire - Campaigns for Turkey, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. So far this is planned but eventually we will have detailed and complex campaigns for almost every nation.
  4. also am have ideas civil war republic party the new world order

  5. I don´t have experience with ---. If someone help i could gadly make a android version
  6. Yes, soon i will create a server for the mod, but i will bring updates here too
  7. am support you new world order

  8. THE NEW WORLD ORDER is an alternative story mod that seeks to bring a chaotic setting with various events and campaigns to bring a new gameplay style, diferent from what players are used to. First of all I would like to apologize for any spelling mistakes, I don't completely master English. I would also like to point out that the mod is fully in PTBR but if you like I'm ready to translate the game, but for the events i would have to ask for help because there are several and I don't have time for that alone.
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