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  1. swıtzerland ın eu but uk ısnt
  2. oh i vvill change sorry
  3. it will come bro
  4. oh i try to but it didnt work i will try again bro
  5. bro i updated it
  6. so can u help me to find a new background
  7. Firstly i will change font and it isn't the same background with Fate Of World
  8. A new Update 1_ New UI 2_Some new presidents 3_New Scenario Yes, Again Added 100+ New President New Font HOI3 Background New Scenario -3.World War- Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hvku0mi5vksny0p/Age_Of_Conquest.rar/file
  9. Hi, i can't do anything because i havent got movement points
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