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  1. I've won a war that involved 1814 stars, I own all of them, while I have an ally that joined the war with me without me asking him to. The thing is, that ally has no stars whatsoever, and when I try to claim all of the provinces (all the stars are mine and my ally has none) he keeps rejecting the peace treaty even though he hasn't contributed anything to the war. I wanted to ask if this happened to anyone else and if they found a solution, thank you. I'm going to try to invade my ally out of existence so it hopefully gets fixed. EDIT: When I tried to peace treaty once again, it showed that
  2. When you make a part of your nation indepenent (kindof) but you still own them, I don't have the game in english so i don't know how they're called. They lower the administration cost, but i don't know in which sense i own them and what benefit having one has.
  3. En mi partida llegue a 1492, entonces invadi america (porque ya dominaba la mitad de europa), pero me di cuenta que tener territorios lejos de la capital sale carisimo, llegue a tener 200000 de oro en perdidas administrativas por turno, los vasallos tienen cierta independencia, pero en teoria soy si dueño, que beneficios trae tener un vasallo?
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