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  1. Asia > Middle East > Iran > Gilan province > Talish
  2. I mean Copy and paste also sorry my English is not very good 🙂
  3. برای اینکه این مشکل رفع بشه آخرین نسخه رو دانلود کن اگه تو بازی مود ریختی بدون مود بازش کن حقیقتش هیچ راهی نداره باید مطمئن بشی که بازی سالمه و وقتی داشتی جمعیت اقلیت میذاشتی از اونجا سرباز زیادی گرفتی؟
  4. I don't understand. Please explain more. Also Are you Iranian? ایرانی هستی؟
  5. First go to this file paths: Age of civilization II\UI\events, and then move the picture you want to use to that and remember the Picture name. Go to game > Editor > Create a scenario > "name of scenario" > set up event > add new event > Picture. Now type the name of picture in that. Done!
  6. I have a background but I'm not sure you may like it, also waiting for your scenario 🙂 Background by Urdekreiz.rar
  7. It's because you let it control your provinces. for fixing that just press E and then select "control province" and deselect Lithuania. If it don't work attack Lithuania and then teach them how to be a nice ally 😈
  8. Hi. I was trying to find the new update in internet but I can't. I buy the game from steam and update game on it. but it crash badly all the time. but the older version is working perfectly. if anyone have the original game file or even the setup, I would be thankful if you share it with me. It's two day I can't play this game and I'm getting crazy 🤪
  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo I wait 2 years 😭🥶🥶🥶🥶
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