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  1. As the USA managed to Revive great britain from the ashes,got several south american countries as vassals (money bags) Other interesting things: china wanted independence got smacked by japan,afrika is battleground between Germany,italy(italy won) The commies are making a comeback,helped brazil fight the venezuelan guerillas, Looking to secure the 2 continents before restoring democracy to the world. To aryan:this game is awesome! Love your work.
  2. Is it available on Android?!?! If Soo are there events?
  3. By far the biggest improvement in a mod,Nice job.
  4. You God Damned fake german! With your little as boy scouts
  5. Anyone who has the time/Resources to make a scenario lasting from 1910-1933. Add events that benefit/make it worse for the Nations. For example the german empire gets the option to mobilize men on either the eastern/western front,but it has disadvantages Economy -2% Population-5% Happiness -10% I would really appreciate if somehow the ww1 part of it would be slower, because you know trench warfare and all. Overall it would take a long time,but in the end would be awesome to play....
  6. Btw Rico,wdym by move the picture? The rest is understandable but I don't get the "move the picture" part where do i move it?
  7. @Burgundian Himmler is that you? You son of a bitc-
  8. Can anyone explain please,how does one put a picture on the events when they pop up? I understand the basics of making scenarios, and would like to contribute and make scenarios myself. Regards *Speer*
  9. Bet takes a long time. I can help with hungarian,dutch languages,just let me know what i have to do,kind of new to this.
  10. Incredibly accurate...just wow! Especially the cold war scenario I give it a Nein/10.
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