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  1. The United Partisan organisation (TNO)

    After the fall of the Reich I sided with the partisans to unify ostland,and won in less then a year I have successfully taken moskau and brauchitstadt.

    And as the mad man planned to do Irl,I will kill 6 million German civilians.

    As I'm typing I just conquered moskau and I started mobilization near the German border,they are still at war with eachother it looks as if goring has the upper hand.

    I will strike as soon as the war is over and I'll post a screen shot about the casualties before and after 6 million.


    As for the nation...well it's really unstable right now incredibly diverse I have mobilized these so called what I liked to imagine anti Rebel Partisan armies of mine.

    Basically 20k men in each province just in case a rebellion breaks out.



  2. Yes you heard me happiness should have another Role it should work as a morale system which if it's high your troops are better in fighting and defending. This should also give the small possibility of being outnumbered like 2 to 1 for example. The enemy has twice as much troops but with low morale let's say 10k troops with 25% happiness/morale. You on the other hand have 5k with 95% high morale,this should give you a boost on defence depending on morale for example: 25%(low morale) -25 attack bonus and defence. 50 %(moderate morale level) 25+ attack and defence bonus
  3. Mr aryan....i cannot thank you enough....for a guy who really wants to play TNO HOI4 without a PC this feels like TNO mobile edition and it's actually great!

    The updates keep on being more inovative keeps bringing in new things.

    The events for Hydrich are really good! Love the fact you sir used pictures from HOI4 events.

    Really gives the immersion as I'm typing i have just finished playing as hydrich's Germany.

    All i have to say....it was by far my best and hardest war I've ever fought throughout my gaming experience on aoh2.

    The war itself for me lasted 1 year and 13 days 40M casualties,and i have to point out my allies that i acquired before the war were helpful and sacreficed millions too Wich i appreciate.

    At the last phase it was quite frankly terrifying to see as i fought Germany slowly ascending into anarchy.

    By far the greatest mod in my opinion,you sir have all my respect.

    I hope you sir plan to keep updating the game,you should honestly get paid for this.

    Thank you for your time sir, Great game keep it up.


    1. Aryan


      I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

  4. For me it goes negative. For example i have over 2B population when I look at the population chart it show that the minority groups have a larger population then the country I'm playing as.
  5. This mod is amazing improvements are really visible The amount of provinces you put in is actually impressive. 1 problem however. Whenever i want to give a nation max Research points the national debt goes through the Roof. Even I you are in sandbox mode,you can't spend on goods, investments, research....Wich is a shame . Nonetheless great game!
  6. Good day sire.

    If you ever plan to add Hungarian events i have a couple of patriotic songs i know and would love to hear them.

    The soundtrack is amazing and even if you don't add Hungarian events please include these songs to the game.

    1: "a Felszabadulás dal"

    2: "  erdélyi induló"

    I love the soundtrack! Really amazing songs my favorite being the Estonian SS Narva battalion march.

    I'm looking forward to what new things will be in the following update.

  7. I doubt it but here's my idea. Thanks for following cheers.
  8. Sire,in the upcoming updates could you please add more Burgundy events.

    Like sabotaging countries, economies, causing civil unrest,etc.

    Also i would appreciate if during the GCW Martin Borman would recive major debuffs.

    Then afterwards if he did somehow win those rebuffs should be absent.

    Throughout all most all my games Borman won the GCW only once have i seen hydrich win,Wich was surprising.

    Also would be cool for goring to have bombing,air raid events like bombing causes major damage to cities and the income of those cites,air raids kills either civillians or troops on specific provinces.

    Hope these ideas make it to a future update or something similar thank you fo your time sire.




    1. Aryan


      I am certainly going to debuff Bormann. Burgundy itself may not get events in the next update but I'm going to add Heydrich's path, so if you help him win as Burgundy then you can take part in the SS Civil War.

    2. Albert speer

      Albert speer

      Good idea sire.

  9. I have couple of questions regarding the new age of Imperialism mod.

    1:does it have historical colonization? Like Britain colonizing India, Australia,etc and Commonwealth nations in general.

    2: is there going to be diversety in nations like Austria,Russia, france,etc.

    3: will it have semi realistic populations? Like for example Russia with 100M+ Britain with the colonies 400M+

    Stuff like that.

    Anyways it's pretty exciting to see what this mod has to offer looking forward to it.

  10. Sounds good,btw is the "gods of death" aka bogi smerti in English playable? If so how do you summon him into your relam?
  11. Glad someone appreciates my Retarted ideas for once,thanks Mr dolphin.
  12. Gay soviet union.......will there be the *Transgenderd Reich* Dutch weed revolution. Anglo-icleandic war over some cod fish. Irish patatoe wars of independence. So much potential!.....looks dope.
  13. Hello friends! I have couple ideas for aoh2 let's begin shall we? 1 generals: you'd have generals from that specific country and time of the year, a 5 star general like Germany's Rommel or manstein My idea is, you click on 1 or more separate armies and assign the general with bonuses like. 5+ movement increase per turn. 25% attack and 10% defence(on specific terrain) Cost per turn would be based on how good the general is if he is a 5 star then like 1000 or 2000 coins per round. 2nd idea is supporting rebels in more ways. 1:influencing your ideology within th
  14. There is a problem with the Android version. I download it open the app,and it's just the default aho2 game (is there a solution?)
  15. Are there events? If not still awesome,if yes even better!
  16. As i conquered ex HRE German territories the last territory left untouched by the prussian lion was Alsace Lorraine. I quickly oqquciped the three provinces,i built 2 forts and sat back as 100s of thousands of french charged,and failed every...single....time. Every turn took the lives of 100k+ Frenchmen while prussian casualties were also high (2M+ at the end of the war)that didn't matter as my population grew by 250k per turn. This was by far the most brutal war I've had in this game,the treaty of Paris was a humiliating to the french nation at the begin the french had the popu
  17. Is the "great trial" event in the 1.0.21 version?

    Just asking because I united Russia under omsk and waited a year i actually don't know the date when the great trial actually starts.

    Is the GAW in the 1962 version also?

    Respect your work sir,by far my favorite mod.


    1. Aryan


      The Great Trial has not been added but the Great Asian War has though judging by the map background and the fact that Yunnan still exists, you are playing on an older version which does not have the great asian war. So to get the war you'll have to update it and play it again.

    2. Albert speer

      Albert speer

      Ahh yes I see now very well will do thank you sir.

  18. As the khamag mongolia formed the mongol empire. Have the entire region of Rus as vassal states. song and jin dynasty are going. Looking to invade the two but in a weak position,been raiding into the Russian states,europe, antolia, japan not for annexation but to weaken their nations therefore i have developed a incredibly sour relations with the entire world basically. Even my vassals don't like me,but that's fine any rebellion, uprising will be met with brutal force. Looking to doom europe soon I'll probably Colonize siberian lands make my way to north america
  19. Also take in consideration it took until 1480s to form spain so they had the time to expand.
  20. Set the population to maximum and conbine all the territories that is for sure 1million or more.
  21. As spain colonized most of modern day USA mexico the caribbean,parts of south america the philippines and the west sahara.(in sandbox mode) Had a couple of interesting things happen including. Conflicts: the(so far) 50 years war between england and france. There have been atleast 2-3 million fatalities wich is horrendous for both sides,france also naval invaded england that went pretty badly. The 7 year long european war(prior to the 50 years one) england owned the port of Calais wich was the last territory i needed to form Habsburg spain so I mobilized half a million men
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