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    Albert speer got a reaction from Balls in Im still making the Addon and added a few Civilizations: KKK Boogaloo Movement Fallou   
    Anarchist Spain.
    Taliban (Emirate of Afghanistan)
    The old believers (autonomous Nazi occupied Russian terretory)
    Dominion of America (British colonie)
    Spanish east Indies.
    Spanish Raj.
    North Italian commune(for a alternative cold war scenario)
    The boxer Rebellion ( as a playable rebel nation)
    These are my suggestions.
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    Albert speer reacted to Aryan in Is the "great trial" event in the 1.0.21 version? Just asking because I united Russia   
    The Great Trial has not been added but the Great Asian War has though judging by the map background and the fact that Yunnan still exists, you are playing on an older version which does not have the great asian war. So to get the war you'll have to update it and play it again.
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