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  1. Their ww2 scenario has some events. Pretty good events too.
  2. Okay, I understand. but you don’t have to rush. the community can be patient so that we can get a higher quality mod.
  3. your 1815 scenario needs some work, many border inaccuracies. here’s a reference map for a better 1815. But other than that, it’s really good!
  4. I saw you in this Icy Mapping/Federal Mapping server. You were there, and I remember it as clear as day.
  5. Illyria? I didn’t know you had an account on the aoh2 forums also, yes they do have a discord.
  6. Poggers I might play it on a Livestream, I haven't streamed for a week now!
  7. Holy- This definitely will take some effort! Good luck on the mod's development!
  8. Hey man! People still care about you, no matter what! Taking a break is fine. I'm just here to say that never give up no matter what comes your way! Italian P&C also remastered your mod by the way. Kinda like a side project, he gave credit to you and everything. That's how I found this mod!
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