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  1. Hello remembered am discord

  2. Hello I have a bug in the game that it really sucks ☹ , Because of this bug I wasn't able to play even one game .Just look yourself , my income is negative of negative. I checked why and I got it was a bug and said it's because of your army but I didn't even have one soldier 🙄😐🤨☹😦 not only Iran but for so many countries , like Russia, Germany etc.
  3. I think it will be better if the Alliances get updated for example: in a Alliance there will be a leader who can controls others or when an ally wants to declare war on a civilization, the others can vote if they attack that country or not and if most ones said no then they won't be able to declare war on that civilization .
  4. I believe it will be better if minority cores population increases with the core of country at once , or you can raise a minority core in province just by using some money .
  5. Well , we can do something. For example countries can be divided to five races , from 1 star grade to five star grade , the more star a country has , the that country will be given time for example : 5 stars' have 3 minutes time 4 stars' have 2 and half 3 stars' have 2 minutes 2 stars' have 1 minute 1 stars have 30 seconds or if they didn't need more time they can press a button so that the turn goes for next player😊 or give 5 minutes for all of civilizations and players at once and after that the next turn load
  6. I have also this problem and I even gave a start date and a end date and even having pop-up but nothing changed😞
  7. I trued it myself but unfortunately it doesn't effect on android version
  8. بله ایرانی هستم خواستم بگم یه باگی گرفتتم توی هر استانی که اقلیت یا داخلش میزارم مثلا تبریز رو آذری میکنم بیشتر جمعیتش رو یا سنندج رو کرد میکنم ، برخیاشون باگ میگیرن جمعیت استان خراب میشه مثلا از ۱۵۰۰۰۰ نفر میشه ۵۰۰۰ نفر Yes Im Iranian , I wanted to say there's a bug in the game for me so that cores in some provinces get bug and their population decrease for example from 150000 persons to just 5000 persons
  9. If you can help me I'll be thankful of you🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️
  10. Hi , I don't know how but this bug sometimes appears in game and it's so annoying and whatever I did it didn't removed or fixed . Just take a look at the population of the Hakkari province😵😂 morover it's the first turnor this one in Tabriz province🙁 and this bug often happens on the provinces with multiple cores or Meshginshahr
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