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  1. The game is so rushed, yet so dead... How does it take more than 3 years to idk: fix cuban flag, put august before september in events, delete the keyboard on pc version because, well, we have ones irl, fix the event glitch wich is when you type in anything and go to triggers, it will all disappear, ADD WW1, A CRUCIAL EVENT FOR THE HUMANITY, AND DELETE EMU, BOER AND FUTBALL WAR (emu fans stfu, youre just meming), put actual relations in scenarios, add cores in scenarios yourself, make turns last one day,  make actually accurate scenarios: there are some british dominions not a vassal, like wtf, manchuqo is also independed, danzig, turkish cyprus, also wtf is with shit like gibraltar, aland, isle of man..., the game is basically 5bucks for you too mod it since the game itself is garbage. Sorry, just don't put a pricetag on something and then let it rot itself for years by abandoning it. sigh: https://steamunlocked.net/3-hearts-of-iron-iv-free-v2-download/

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