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  1. so you know how every house has a window... and if you fall through it you die...
  2. The fuck is beII made by an albanian nationalist



      Update, hes jewish...

  3. All the things that Aoc2 (Age of  History ll) needs:

    1. Different buildings: factories, banks, airports, dockyards and others...

    2. Make the game more PC friendly (make the game more suitable for Computers)

    3. Events

    4. Division based army templates

    5. Different army types: Calvary, tanks, airforce, warships, artillery, missiles...

    6. AI correction

    7. Further Alliance reform

    8. The game to be set instead of you needing to edit and correct everything in editor

    9. Correct population

    10. Religion

    11. Governments, advisors, generals and marshals 

    12. Multiplayer 

    13. Bug fixes

    14. Actual trade

    15 Improved diplomacy 

    16. ww1 and cold war scenarios

    17. Improved Leader system 

    18.  Assimilation Nerf and core buff

    19. Historical type of game

    20. National spirits

    21.  Lichtenstein (it could fit on the map)

    22. Frontlines and attack plans (like HOI4)

    23. Spheres of inf. (like VIC2)

    24. Reviving the game

    25. Active listening to feedback

    26.  Taking the game more serious 

    27. Fixed formables

    28. Fixed Unions

    29. Ability to add buildings in scenario

    30. Actual importance of HRE

  4. Someone please make a mod with many provinces, ideologies and events. Or just link me if it already exists


  5. How do heck do leaders work in this game, like the birth date doesn't even matter: (you have tsar boris of bulgaria in 1200) is it there for some educational purposes (the gamebase is a bunch of 9 year olds, so...)
  6. The game is so rushed, yet so dead... How does it take more than 3 years to idk: fix cuban flag, put august before september in events, delete the keyboard on pc version because, well, we have ones irl, fix the event glitch wich is when you type in anything and go to triggers, it will all disappear, ADD WW1, A CRUCIAL EVENT FOR THE HUMANITY, AND DELETE EMU, BOER AND FUTBALL WAR (emu fans stfu, youre just meming), put actual relations in scenarios, add cores in scenarios yourself, make turns last one day,  make actually accurate scenarios: there are some british dominions not a vassal, like wtf, manchuqo is also independed, danzig, turkish cyprus, also wtf is with shit like gibraltar, aland, isle of man..., the game is basically 5bucks for you too mod it since the game itself is garbage. Sorry, just don't put a pricetag on something and then let it rot itself for years by abandoning it. sigh: https://steamunlocked.net/3-hearts-of-iron-iv-free-v2-download/

  7. You can't have a spanish civil war (choosing sides ability) without switching leaders (communist franco, lol)
  8. >Download image >Resize image to 512, 96px in any software you have (pain 3d recommended) >Save image as .png >Copy image and paste it in: Age of Civilizations 2 --> UI --> Events > Go to event creator and click on image > Enter the name of the image but add .png ex: invasionofpoland.png > Rage because the game is garbage and event system is shit
  9. image.thumb.png.2d18ad1c1c8c4f58e287e47346a8c4a5.pngPlease, Lukasz, fix your game. Having this stupid AI makes it unplayable 



      i cant even finish my turn without a random neutral country invading meimage.thumb.png.6689d2a5f4f273077aff8b635d33adec.png

  10. Spoiler alert: events are garbage, just delete them, or spend time doing them properly when you download it
  11. it doesnt help. i cant see what keys youre pressing you could have at least add a text saying what youre doing
  12. Universe - Milky way galaxy - Solar system - Earth - Eurafrasia - Europe - South East Europe - Balkan - Former Yugoslavia - Former Serbia and montenegro - Serbia with Kosovo - Serbia without Kosovo - Serbia without Vojvodina region - Belgrade Province - Belgrade city with surroundings - Belgrade city - Downtown (cant mention, privacy reasons) - My street (cant mention, privacy reasons) - My Building - My apartment - My room - The desk im typing this on
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