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  1. Сайт на русском, а вот модификация на английском. В России игра Age of Civilizations 2 очень популярна и новые моды очень часто выходят.
  2. Android - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/kusoKdEDff05jQ
  3. There are two links, on the PC (.zip) and Android (.---) .
  4. Update 0.2. What's added: -Changed the color of civilizations. -We have improved flags and kings portraits -Added a new script -Lords and Kings -New soundtracks -Changed font -Changed logo -Changed cursor (enabled in settings) Available for Android and PC - Age of Mount & Blade
  5. Last update v 0.99 final: • 21 completely new scenarios • more than 600 states • rulers • emerging nations • new ideologies • cities of that time • thematic music • modified map and many other little things. Here's a link: The old Gods
  6. Update from 2.07.21 : * New map for ~6k provinces * About 1000 new civilizations * Many nations being formed * A huge number of rulers * New and revised forms of government * 15 worked-out scenarios, - a small part of the planned * Atmospheric music and much more................... Download here - Through the Ages
  7. Download PC + Android - 11:59 — A Cold War Mod
  8. The long-awaited remake of fashion is coming out! Meet - Paper's, Please! What you added: - Redealed map - 1400 provinces - Countries from the universe itself, their flags - The script from the old version - Regional Conflicts - has been moved - Several events (in future updates there will be more) in the Scenario six Years War And other minor details Papers, Please!
  9. Update from 30.12.2019 The update includes: - Fix some of the leader's portraits - New Scenarios (1936, 1939, Final War, German, American, Russian Civil War) - Adding flags when changing ideology — New countries (due to new scenarios) - New leaders, and their portraits Available on PC and Android - Fuhrerreich: Legacy of the Great War
  10. Here you can download all versions of Addon+ for PC and Android - Addon+ (v 1.0 — 1.4.1 final)
  11. Can be downloaded here - Ukrainian Alternative v 0.6.3
  12. Установка: 1. Устанавливаешь игру Age of Civilizations 22. Скачиваешь модификацию и запускаешь.3. В установщике надо указать путь к папке с игрой.Всё должно работать. Addon+ одна из лучших модификаций на AoC II . Скачать Addon+ v 1.4 final .
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