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  1. starting to do Canada and Alaska and i feel like these islands are gonna give me brain damage
  2. finally, continental US finished! though i still get shivers when i look at Alaska's islands and how much work there will be with them
  3. Well... Okay, what's the worst that could happen from posting this? I started to make a world map from a slightly moddified province map in HPM mod for Victoria 2. Since I didn't saw any maps like that I figured, "Why not make one myself?". And here I am, yoinking a png file from a mod and transforming it into a mod for a diffirent game. I don't know much what else to say other than, I'm still not great at making these mods?
  4. Version 0.0.1 Pre-Alpha out now! Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hv8AYW6GgP_ng7jU1YnPLpCxQ3l43pgB?usp=sharing If I didn't mess something up, that is.
  5. Could you please specify which borders or what exaclty to improve?
  6. So I've decided to do a Papers, Please map. Based on a map by Vortex Mapping, I started to add provinces that fit the borders from his video. If you think this is a clusterf**k of provinces and not a map you're probobly right but I can't be bothered to do otherwise. Depending on how much time I will have, I think alpha version should be (4 of July as of writting this) next week, if anyone even inereseted.
  7. guess i could make it into an alliance and add events if they would finally kindly work
  8. So I did what I do the best which is basicly do a already done scenario and slap national provinces in it... Okay not really since there are some changes like: - Germany is still divided but in a diffrent way - Some new tribes in Africa - Japan is many - A f**k ton of smol people in India - Technology is adjusted - Border gore outside of Europe Download pls, yes: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PhtW6NtUAq75uh_jjTqz6dHzHpJlUwhN?usp=sharing Replace the original scenario file (or don't idk). I partially did this from Victoria
  9. WirySky6

    Year 1910

    Hope I helped you both.
  10. WirySky6

    Year 1910

    Ok, I think now it's how it should be. (Also categorized the files a little.)
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