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  1. Bloody Europe II is the best mod I have come across and with each subsequent update it gets better and better. I found one error in trading. When we have neutral or better relations with a country, they give us several provinces for free. If you could (additionally) make each type of government have a different sign, for example a constitutional monarchy, technocracy would be great. I wish you good luck Beautiful job 🙂
  2. (Android)You will fix rospixeled flags, for example Germany with a communist government?
  3. Android - Things to fix: • The keyboard should be visible • Province names, leaders, and correct birthdays for leaders. • It should not be neutral (because when this country attacks another country, it ceases to make sense) • The formal countries - Poland needs only 3 provinces to form the Polish-Swedish Union (Warsaw, Gdańsk and Stockholm) • Rename countries - for example nger_mo • Change country flags as some are rospixseled - for example Austria with Stalinism and Trotskyism is rospixseled • SocialDemocracy- Social Democracy That's all I found for
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