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  1. Ok, deal, before we start a second war, lets agree that everyone can download your Bloody Europe mod, I will stop saying that you copied, and you dont spam everyone's profiles.
  2. Still, you can't just go to everyone's profiles and spam: EXCLUSIVE GIFT. Also, when I told you that you copied Bloody Europe in "The Best mod For Global History lovers", you edited my message to: "The catch is that trans-amur did code changes and inflation tragedy happened"
  3. Stfu Kaung thant htoo alt, u copied bloody europe and other mods
  4. If you don't like this mod, keep it to yourself and don't cause controversy.
  5. And kaung thant htoo is like botting his posts before they get deleted so that he gets better reputation
  6. Also Kaung thant htoo has an alt named: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  7. kaung thant htoo also spammed everyones profiles with the copied mod and said: "EXCLUSIVE GIFT"
  8. He is also copying other people's mods
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