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  1. besides, this is not Reich's code, but another person's
  2. do you want to do a button or what? what do you want from a code developer?
  3. I’m not saying that this is mine, I already wrote to one person about it, I don’t know why you didn’t read the above
  4. Yes, it will Change, but you can also create clones of countries
  5. It's so funny to me) so, but you can't do it in AOC, you can even go now and try it won't work for you) change of leaders is how it works
  6. open your eyes wider! the answer is on the surface, I don’t know how you didn’t guess before, but the code with the change of the Rulers has been there for a long time, I’ll even say a big one from the popular Russian Author
  7. sorry, but this is already the secret of the Proletariat)
  8. at least it was not we who made the code, but the creator of the Scenario mod + if I wish, I can throw off the link to the Scenario + Vkontakte group
  9. not bad, under what are the Red Barriers? like an impassable zone? and yes Divide the Province of Kharkov.
  10. My friend's TNO mod which is in the process of being created
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