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  1. Bruh, how can I download it? I do everything okay, but wen I click in "AOC.exe" its iniciate and just dont start
  2. Hello everyone! I am a big fan of the Age of Civilizations II game, and in general, of all GS games. For a while, I have been creating many maps, I am even in a mega project based on a map of the present day, however with a series of events that can change the history of the world completely. I really wanted to post them here, so that more people have access to my work. However, I encountered a problem; I have no idea how to save a map I created, much less link to it so other people can play it! I appreciate your understanding. Another thing, I’m Brazilian, so please don’t be surprised at my t
  3. Então, como posso baixar o mod? Está feito? Eu preciso de algum link? Este mod parece incrível, bom trabalho!🙂
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