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    If you have no money option enabled, you have different objective choices.
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    There’s this one feature I couldn’t get around yet; creating “decisions” in the scenario editor.
    What I am specifically talking about is recreating or forming a country like how you could do in the Sengoku (Japan) map. On every civilization there is this decision wherein you could “Form Japan”, when you finally conquer all the provinces the option becomes entirely available to you and your country changes its name to “Japan”. Is it possible to recreate this feature on scenario editor?
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    tell me what trigger you want to make, i might help
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    How does each one of those work? Please help me I'm already getting confused and don't know how to use NOT, and OR
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    Trigger AND: the conditions must ALWAYS be true. You can see it as "YES or "TRUE". In a event, every condition marked with AND must always happen in order for the event to trigger.
    Trigger NOT: the conditions marked must be false in order for an event to trigger. If the condition is, for example, "X nation is at war", then the event will trigger if X nation is NOT at war.
    Trigger OR: this one is surprisingly less common if you are going to make many events. It means that either A or B conditions, for example, must be true. As I said I'm not 100% experienced in the use of this one since I really never had the need, as a person that makes somewhat complex event mechanics in scenarios.
    You want to make an event that, given the lack of Farm buildings present in one region, proposes the player a larhe investment in return for a discounted large scale farm building. This means that the event must trigger if the desired region has no farms and the player has enough money
    The conditions must be then:
    -Buildings in provinces (farm) NOT
    All the desired provinces are selected.
    -Nation has money (say, 50000) AND
    As you can see the event triggers if the player doesn't have any farms on the selected provinces and the player has enough money. This event would use both AND, NOT. Keep in mind that these are not the actual exact names of the conditions since I really don't remember them, I would have to check out.
    Any questions feel free to ask! I have experience with the event editor.
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