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  1. I mean there are some videos that explain how to edit
  2. Yes, I don't know what It Is but most of these countries will have only a few events
  3. I forgot to say that all Countries in British Isles will have events
  4. American Empire, Socialist States of America, Trump's America, Mexico, Tsardom of Canada, Northern District, Republican Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Gran Colombia, Ecuador, Germania, Communist and Monarchist France, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Moldova, Portugal, Porto, Catalonia, Switzerland, Jugoslavia, Turkey, Fascist Turkey, Kurdistan, Israel, Mecca, Socotra, Njed, Shaimmar, India, Brima, Putin's Russia, democratic, Monarchist and communist Siberia, Komi, Omsk, China, Mongolia, Japan, pacific Union, East Africa, African Union, Magherb, Egypt, Golden Federation, Poland, Nazi Africa, Finland, Madag
  5. Do you want a beta version without events or wait decemcer for the full release?
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