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  1. Not in this version, There are events for: The middle east war Russian expansion French reunification Second Italo-Turkish war (If Turkey wins) ottoman expansion Collapse of the Indian Empire Collapse of the chinese federation Biden's America vs Sanders' America Elon Musk vs all Spanish elections Soviet Union in south America Persian reunification Soviet elections Romanian reunification Japanese expansion Biden vs Trump Germania vs Poland, France and Italy
  2. Sorry but the release date will be remanded to tomorrow I still don't have the background
  3. I'm courrently waiting the background from Lipark
  4. There won't be events at first, I'll add them later in the first update
  5. Now the second Italo-Turkish war has two possibile victories: 1. Turkish victory 2. Italian victory
  6. Hi Lipark, I'm thinking To release the mod the 10 of January....will the BG be ready for that date?

  7. Happy Christmas and may God bless us all!!!


    1. new lakhal 2.0

      new lakhal 2.0

      God bless Algeria and god bless you and my friends

  8. Brazilian event tree completed, there are courrently 106 events in game
  9. Yes, but it's not the definitive map I'm waiting for a background made for the mod by Lipark! So... Stay tuned
  10. This can be an Idea...do you like the map style backgrounds?
  11. I suscribed on reddit, do you want me to create a community about this Mod so you can see the video gameplay or not?
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