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  1. Have you got a release date for this mod? I'm creating my own and yours Is really interesting!
  2. Yes I'm doing a mod, I Hope you are Interested
  3. Can I Use Your Mod Interfacce for my mod? I really like It!
  4. Age of Immagination A mod based on your ideas and immagination this wuold be its features: in order to respect your ideas It won't have new scenarios but there will be more ideologies, new leaders, civilizations and overlays for the flag editor. this in version 0.1 let me know if you are interested
  5. The Italian Imperial Republic. The axis won ww2 but Italy fall in an economic and social crisis. In 1958, After Mussolini's death, the Italian Civil War started. The National Liberation Front or FLN won the civil war in 1962 bringing to a new democratic Italy and declaring It an Imperial Republic, detaching from fascism and racism, the new government would bring a new era of prosperity to the country. Capital: Rome Ideology: Organic Democracy Leader: Giorgio Almirante (not neo-fascist) Formed by Italy Countries required: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia,
  6. Do you know if someone can create a mod working on Android? If yes can you tell It ti me here? I have a lot of ideas but playing on Android...it's difficoult. Thanks
  7. You can make a version where you can have an editor for everything
  8. I'm sure this will be a great mod but I think It world be much better if you'll add new Ideologies like National socialism, Revolutionary socialism, Theocracy, anarchy... This wuold really complete the mod
  9. Some Empires in modern world and ww2 scenario. Second British Empire New Roman Empire American Empire Greater Germanic Reich
  10. Are you going to add more ideologies in this mod?
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