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  1. I forgot to say that all Countries in British Isles will have events
  2. American Empire, Socialist States of America, Trump's America, Mexico, Tsardom of Canada, Northern District, Republican Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Gran Colombia, Ecuador, Germania, Communist and Monarchist France, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Moldova, Portugal, Porto, Catalonia, Switzerland, Jugoslavia, Turkey, Fascist Turkey, Kurdistan, Israel, Mecca, Socotra, Njed, Shaimmar, India, Brima, Putin's Russia, democratic, Monarchist and communist Siberia, Komi, Omsk, China, Mongolia, Japan, pacific Union, East Africa, African Union, Magherb, Egypt, Golden Federation, Poland, Nazi Africa, Finland, Madag
  3. Do you want a beta version without events or wait decemcer for the full release?
  4. Volgograd Is renamed Stalingrad and Istanbul Costantinople
  5. I tried to add a new tipe of government called left-wing populism, than the game crashed every time I opened It
  6. I had some problems with the newest ideologies so I had to bring back the old governments.json without the new governments
  7. Ehmmm ... I don't think so ... there are no better books than the Bible and even if Jews commit horrible crimes it will not be by eliminating them all that we will resolve hatred and injustices ... and in any case Hitler wrote in his "mein kampf" that the Germans should have dominated the world .... and I don't know about you but I like freedom .. and i wouldn't much like to live in a germanic world (with all due respect to the germans) but still i just don't understand what this centers on with a mod of aoc2
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