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  1. Added editor to the country selection menu! This function throws the player into the scenario editor, where the player can almost completely change the scenario settings. Further, you need to go to the country selection menu, and all changes in the editor will be displayed on the map or country
  2. We were able to restore the "Print a Map" function This function in the game is needed to generate your map template
  3. Everything is possible in the future. Even now, when I have been saying for several months that for new mechanics you need to learn how to add new buttons to the game, and yes, it is already clear that I understood how to do it, and even made a completely technical mechanic with my own interface (This is the menu for constructing a new building) Everything is possible, even with the game's bytecode. I would like to see the reaction of the game developer to these changes)
  4. Can you link to this update? It even became interesting how to make a new type of unit out of numbers
  5. A new building with the same workshop tag has been added! The new workshop is still technically tied to the old one and performs the same functions. In the near future, it is planned to create a full-fledged building without replacing the old ones.
  6. I would like to ask if it is important for you that the screenshots are taken in another language?
  7. Added new OptionsGameParty function to the game. This function takes the player to the country selection menu, and the player can completely change the settings of the game party and even change the country. Further, the game continues, but with different settings or even for another country
  8. Now AI, depending on the government, will conduct its own expansion policy. Sorry for the screenshot, it's still a regular playable map in 1936 scenario and with 867 aggressiveness AI, well, on turn 18.
  9. Fearfully..It's not even clear what it is.
  10. With the migration of the population, it was necessary to postpone a little, since it is very unfinished, first you need to abandon the province in order to move the population there and in cases of migration, the provinces are simply exchanged, and you would have to capture the province from which the population was migrated. Creating a new unit is very difficult, if not impossible. In addition, the troops will merge into one army and this will only cause errors (theoretically)
  11. This is a localization error, the tags of many states are not translated into English
  12. No, the level of difficulty affects the income of the player and the income of the bots, so the higher the difficulty level, the more income the bots have and the less income the player has
  13. New solutions for states! Two new solutions have been added: history and support for nationalities History allows you to view all the events that took place in your game party. This mechanic has been moved from statistics to decisions for states. "Nationality Support" allows you to raise the population of other nationalities in your country
  14. I agree, I also noticed this bug, you will need to fix some parameters
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