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  1. The New Latest Version Bloody Europe 2  Mods / Have Been Release

  2. It turned out to change the color of the download to a different color!
  3. Sorry for missing for a certain number of days) I just want to take a break from everything and enjoy the last days of summer as much as possible. I can also supplement these ridiculous lines with pretty good news) tomorrow I plan to make an English-language build of the mod update version 1.1.6
  4. Now the maximum value of diplomatic points is 50.0!
  5. It needs to add the .png extension To make it look like "pix.png" after the change, it is better to remove the extension from the file, if you do not remove the game, it will not start
  6. Unfortunately, I do not know. Of course, there are programs on the pc that can repeat the actions (not all the possibilities) of MT manager, though I do not remember what it is called
  7. "How to change the maximum value of the settings for the growth rate of population and economy in the settings for the scenario" Supplement to the guide: "How to make disease mortality up to -100% in scenario settings" 1) Go to the mt manager and find the --- file of the game in which we will do our action 2) Go to Classes.dex 3) Find the Menu_CreateScenario_Settings class 4) If found, then click on it 5) Select the "Init" method 6) Many lines of code open before you, do not change them, in the search (Click on the three dots in the upper right corner) you need to look fo
  8. I can say that knowledge about this language is not so necessary, I am NOT a java programmer and in general I have not studied it, the main thing is your desire and then it should work out, of course, you need to understand how the code works, this can be understood simply by rassmatiiriruyuschem it and think what each means line (at the beginning I just looked at the code and roughly understood what was responsible for what) (this was only then I started to edit it (first by the guides) Another fact, you need to know if you change the value in the game, then they are all written in a hex
  9. It is unlikely that this change will be included in 1.1.6, this version is more on virgin lands for correcting and correcting the changes that have already been added (of course there is not only a fix, a lot of new things have already been added to this version)
  10. You will try to find this problem in Google, there may be some tips, here is another tip of mine. Try to download a special application for java, I really don't remember what it was called, but it helped me, I also had a problem
  11. It turned out to add a new type of budget expenditure! It should also be mentioned that this is not the final version, you need to bind the new view to a different value and design it differently.
  12. Only added 1878 new lines with the mention of resources (as well as about 5k new lines of code)
  13. I continue to work on resources, now I completely repeated the classes with the mention of the landscape and replaced them with resources, it took only 3 hours .. The game now ignores these classes, since they are not associated with the main classes, now I will bind them, this is the most difficult
  14. The whole code will not fit here, it takes more than 5k new lines, and there are more than 50 different classes)
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