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  1. update on the "how do i add modded civs" 

    i did it, all the modded civs have  a name now

  2. why every civ is called like 123456789_m for me but the flags are here (i dont want to replace all the files with the tno mod files cuz i want my saves and stuff)
  3. i made an scenario with the same name while i was messing in the scenario maker or something (its public so i will have to change the name to something else)
  4. so i have to make 400+ civs?
  5. Update: i added flags and the civs have a flag now but the name is still 23123123312123_m
  6. so, i have a problem with adding modded civs because once i add them, there is no flag and color,an example of a name: 123456789_m
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