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  1. Are there any differences between the PC and mobile version of this mod? If so is there any way to get the PC version on mobile for phones that run better?
  2. Wait where's Bloody Europe I 🤔
  3. nooooo why did you remove the germany map 😭
  4. @Trans-AmurHi! Love the mod, any chance you got the province map for europe?
  5. Ok, thanks for the info, I'll try and remove the scenario myself.
  6. @Trans-Amur I still get crash when I go to German Empire scenarios also where's the less province map
  7. Cool mod 10/10 would make Europe bleed again Got a province map by any chance? Also, shouldn't there be a map with less provinces, if so, why is it no longer in it and are there any plans to reimplement it?
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