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  1. @Trans-AmurWhat do you plan to do in the next update?
  2. I don't know if it's a good idea, but if you can make the time keep running like in Hearts of Iron 4 and as if you could fix the errors that I asked you for on the previous pages (unless you've read) that would be great.
  3. Please fix these things. 1. Rospixelized flag of communist Estonia 2. New stamps for the authorities (constitutional monarchy and technocracy) 3. Plunder (When you have military access from a country, you can plunder it without any consequences, and our provinces can be plundered, but in the province menu it says that our province cannot be plundered because only the occupied provinces can be plundered, I know that it is difficult but please do it if you can)
  4. You can plunder provinces, but after entering the province menu, you cannot, because it is our province. Trade is broken. Governments should have a separate badge (constitutional monarchy and technocracy). The flag of communist Estonia is being pixelated. Could you fix this in the next versions?
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