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  1. Ideologies (I managed to translate all of them actually): 1. Centrist Democracy 2. Centrist Authoritarianism 3. Theocratic Monarchism 4. Aristocracy 5. Despotism 6. Absolutism 7. National Monarchism 8. Social Monarchism 9. Democratic Monarchism 10. Liberal Monarchism 11. Monarchy 12. Bourgeois Conservatism 13. Communism 14. Authoritarian Socialism 15. National Communism 16. Red Fascism 17. Nationalism 18. Fascism 19. National Socialism 20. Reactionary 21. National Conservatism 22. Nati
  2. I know a little bit. If you send a photo here, i can translate some of them.
  3. Very cool mod! The visual effects, GUI, soundtrack are very good and most importantly the gameplay is excellent!
  5. You gonna share your mod someday? Cuz it looks sooo good!
  6. Hello i was playing the game normally and closed my pc for some time bcs i needed to study and after opened the game again and now i can't pass turns what should i do?
  7. ●Alliance formation is no longer affected by number of allies, being at war and distance between nations This is what I wanted for a long time. Thank you very much!!
  8. mrtd04

    Flag Sizes?

    Small : 27 x 18 Large: 68 x 44 Hope that helps 🙂
  9. Really? I didn't had that option where was it? I know you can change pic but i didn't manage to change my nick.
  10. Nope just changed my account for fun 😄
  11. Hi im Anti Spam-bot 😄this is my new account i no longer use the old one
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