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  1. You gonna share your mod someday? Cuz it looks sooo good!
  2. Hello i was playing the game normally and closed my pc for some time bcs i needed to study and after opened the game again and now i can't pass turns what should i do?
  3. ●Alliance formation is no longer affected by number of allies, being at war and distance between nations This is what I wanted for a long time. Thank you very much!!
  4. mrtd04

    Flag Sizes?

    Small : 27 x 18 Large: 68 x 44 Hope that helps 🙂
  5. Really? I didn't had that option where was it? I know you can change pic but i didn't manage to change my nick.
  6. Nope just changed my account for fun 😄
  7. Hi im Anti Spam-bot 😄this is my new account i no longer use the old one
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