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  1. Ayyyy we just passed 1k views on this scenario, many thanks to you all supporting this!
  2. Update time! Added: 5 more events South Africa Region Removed quite some bugs. Playtesting takes a lot of time so except fewer updates ( once or twice a week ). "Spoils of the Fifth Syrian War" event disabled until I figure out a way to trigger it correctly, since the game is kinda buggy and behaves strangely. Forgot to change Carthage into a republic sorreh Begone Bugs!!
  3. Oh is it? I'll fix that. I've already made an event coming in 1.5 where Parthia and Bactria ( Seleucid's puppet ) can revolt against Seleucid. Adding even more events with the goal of Parthia reforming the Persian Empire is a possibility. Contrary, Carthage is in a very weird spot, historically at it's final years, in-game surrounded by not-so-weak civilizations. I could add some events to further simulate the Third Punic war and its destruction and maybe it's involvement with the Numidian Civil War.
  4. Since there were people there I would actually like to keep them. To better simulate what it actually was like, I could modify the terrain types to make the desert cost more movement points ( like 3/attack ) , and/or nerf them to the ground
  5. Heyo! We now have a channel for the mod under the AoCII Discord Server! There, I'll be posting more progress updates, answering questions and having conversations about the mod. Here ,I'll just be posting the official updates! I'll still read both the forum and discord comments!
  6. It's that time of the week, 1.4 is here! Added: 15 more events ( 36 in total ) Loads of bugs killed I would delay this update and make it a bit bigger, but I'm all out of ideas and sources for events. If you would like to suggest any events, just comment below! What to expect in the next update? Complete Africa Continent, more formable nations, a few events ( mainly the ones you suggest ). Cheers!
  7. I'm planning on adding events for most of the civilizations. The 3 civs I thought were most important took the most events. For now, I just finished making a 3 way civil war. Expect the next update to hit in a couple of days.
  8. This is not in the actual mod of mine, but I thought it was worth the screenshot 🤣
  9. Version 1.3 is live! Added: More Macedon Events (9 in total) Roman Kingdom Events (5 in total) Seleucid Empire Events (7 in total) 5 new formable civs A comment or a like would greatly help me know if you want this project continued or not! Cheers
  10. New Version 1.2 just published! Added: Macedon events Macedon relations A custom flag for every tribe in-game Me not understanding how events work slowed down progress by quite a lot. Now that I understand them a bit better I hope the next update comes in with more content. I'm planning on adding even more events for Macedon in future versions. Next civilizations getting events are the Roman Kingdom and the Seleucid Empire. Note that the events aren't 100% based of real life. In this instance, I chose gameplay over realism.
  11. Done making all the tribes' flags. I'll push out the next update as soon as I get some events in too. I can't seem to figure out how to trigger events, from an actual trigger (like being at war), instead a time-based trigger. The time-based trigger always seem to override other triggers, and if they are set to no date, events never actually fire. Any string of advice ,or a link to a suitable post would be very helpful!
  12. New Version 1.1 has came out! Added: a couple new relations custom cores for every tribe's province to better simulate real life population dispersion across multiple civilizations adjusted technology levels and starting money I have tinkered around with some events, but none are implemented yet.
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