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  1. Eduardo1

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    You are completely wrong, Libertarianism is all about liberty, and capitalism is the only economic system that provides liberty to every single individual, even if it is not fair. Libertarianism cannot exist without Capitalism, But Capitalism can exist without Libertarianism, However, some do not consider it ''Capitalism'' if it is not Libertarian.
  2. Eduardo1

    The most annoying things in AoC2 in my opinion

    I also think that ideologies should play a much bigger role.
  3. Eduardo1

    New governments [Upgrade1]

    >Libertarianism >Capitalism Why are these separated?
  4. Eduardo1

    Fortnite Map (Provinces 281)

    Human civilization has peaked. it is all downhill from here boys.
  5. I managed to change the flag of a nation depending on its government but i could not find a way to change its name (automatically, i know that you can change a nation's name simply by clicking its name and writing the name that you want in-game, i want it to change name automatically.) I know that in the vanilla game there are some examples of a nation's name changed depending on its government, like the UK, it changes its name form "United Kingdom" to "Great Britain", so i assume that you can do that for a player made civ too.
  6. Eduardo1

    Labour/concentration camps

    Sounds fun, although i think you shouldn't be able to do that as a Democracy.
  7. Eduardo1

    ¿De qué país sois?

    Yo soy de Brasil
  8. Eduardo1

    Ottoman Dawn - 18th Century (WIP)

    I see you're a man of culture as well.
  9. Eduardo1

    Republic of Crimea

    Umm... I don't know if it's different for mobile, but the Republic of Crimea already exists as a vanilla civilization in the steam version.
  10. Eduardo1


    I think the frisian kingdom should inclued holland and utrecht, since the capital of Magna Frisia (the kingdom of Frisia) was in Utrecht.
  11. Eduardo1

    Paisos Catalans

    I think it should include Andorra and Perpignan/Rouisillon
  12. You can just change them yourself in the map settings. Though i still think a "Germany" should be added.
  13. Eduardo1

    setapdede's Custom Civs

    I think a "County of Vienna" would be better than a Duchy, because Austria itself is already an Archduchy, i think a duchy would make more sense if it was "Duchy of NiederÖsterreich" (Northeastern Austria/Low Austria), since its bigger than the province of Vienna.
  14. Eduardo1

    Culture Map Mode

    I think it would be great, but the problem is: In AOC2 the "cultures" are divided by state, that means that the map is gonna be coloured like the political map mode is coloured, i would suggest a culture group feature, but that would be more complicated. But it is still a good idea.
  15. Eduardo1

    new europe map

    So basically Voltaire's Nightmare?