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  1. *Lower Canada was mostly French and Upper Canada was mostly British.
  2. Human civilization has peaked. it is all downhill from here boys.
  3. I managed to change the flag of a nation depending on its government but i could not find a way to change its name (automatically, i know that you can change a nation's name simply by clicking its name and writing the name that you want in-game, i want it to change name automatically.) I know that in the vanilla game there are some examples of a nation's name changed depending on its government, like the UK, it changes its name form "United Kingdom" to "Great Britain", so i assume that you can do that for a player made civ too.
  4. Sounds fun, although i think you shouldn't be able to do that as a Democracy.
  5. I see you're a man of culture as well.
  6. I think the frisian kingdom should inclued holland and utrecht, since the capital of Magna Frisia (the kingdom of Frisia) was in Utrecht.
  7. I think it should include Andorra and Perpignan/Rouisillon
  8. You can just change them yourself in the map settings. Though i still think a "Germany" should be added.
  9. I think a "County of Vienna" would be better than a Duchy, because Austria itself is already an Archduchy, i think a duchy would make more sense if it was "Duchy of NiederÖsterreich" (Northeastern Austria/Low Austria), since its bigger than the province of Vienna.
  10. I think it would be great, but the problem is: In AOC2 the "cultures" are divided by state, that means that the map is gonna be coloured like the political map mode is coloured, i would suggest a culture group feature, but that would be more complicated. But it is still a good idea.
  11. So basically Voltaire's Nightmare?
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