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  1. How can i be sure it's a false postive if Google play tells me it's a virus and my phone suddenly exists pages and sites without me pressing anything. I've seen other people raise similar concerns, I adore this mod I just want the reassurance that it's safe to run.
  2. Playstore tells me that bloody Europe 2 and elder scrolls gives me viruses is this true?
  3. Bloody Europe 2, 1.16 gave me a virus
  4. I have been playing both mods for a while and got a notification from play protect saying that those applications (Bloody Europe 2 and Age of Elder Scrolls) appear to be infected and should be deleted as soon as possible. I deleted both although I've never had any problems when they were installed on my device. Could anyone please explain what this could mean? As I doubt anyone would put as much time and effort into basically remaking an entire game from the ground up only to use it to infect people's devices.
  5. Could you please add a middle earth or westroes mod?
  6. Could you please add a middle earth or westroes map?
  7. Please make a middle earth or westroes map
  8. A middle earth or westroes map please
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