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  1. I thought you guys might be interested in a progress update: Inspired by Roma Invicta mod, I created many new provinces. Mostly in Italy and Greece. I also extended the mod further back to the Ab Urbe Condita start date, but I decided to leave out some further back parts such as the Trojan War. I think the hardest part about making these ancient scenarios is finding proper flags for each, even small, civ. As when I played Roma Invicta, I felt like some civs were empty because they used single-colored placeholder flags, so I don't want to leave this feeling behind, so it takes me ho
  2. DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE they're bots/bad people that want u to download their virus
  3. go to AoC2 folder -> game -> languages -> civilizations and open the bundle file of the respective language you wanna make (english is called Bundle, spanish is called Bundle_sp and so on..) then you find the tag of both: your ideology, and the country you wanna make. Going along your example, Poland's tag is "pol", and I don't know what your Paper ideology's tag is but supposing it is "p" then you would write: pol_p = "Poland's Paper Empire" I hope this helped. you can also use the civ/ideology tag trick to add flags that change with your ideology. (For example, if you
  4. Go into Growth Rate Editor and make it lower/higher on provinces you want lower/higher population. It also depends on age and technology, and economy and development at a smaller scale.
  5. Yup. I create this mod because I am yet to find a "Extended Timeline" mod that accurately depicts politics or the map in its scenarios. I also know its kind of hard to see (because most of AoC2 playerbase, including its mod devs, are mobile players and events in mobile are buggy af), but I am also yet to see a kind of mod like this with events.
  6. I can assure you one thing and that is, there will be many ideologies. Not enough to make it bloated and unnecessary but just enough so when you change ideologies it actually affects how the game plays. (This is especially true from the WW2 scenario onward) And about your second question, it depends on the scenario: I don't really see the point of doing such thing in, say, the 1444 scenario, but it is very likely i do create different color/flags for nations depending of their ideology in scenarios where it actually matters (1836 onward)
  7. Hello, I am a argentine spanish speaking modder, how do I apply to join your community and work on the mod? Thanks.
  8. I thought I would update you guys on the current situation of mod. As for the 335 scenario, I have to remake its entirety but thankfully the Civ's arent gone so I can make it soon too. But here are some pictures of the 1836 scenario I am working on:
  9. Civil wars can happen but only when the happiness is like 20% or so. AI will never let the happiness reach there, so it is pretty much unlikely it happens in ai unscripted timelines
  10. si se puede, tienes que hacer el truco de cambiar de pais en medio de la partida y escoger los rebeldes
  11. It is not dead. I am currently adding more civ's to it, specifically working on the 335 and 1836 scenarios. Maybe I'll submit some pictures soon
  12. it was part of an update i think
  13. Actually your roma invicta pack was the one that inspired me to extend it all the way down to 300 BC, as originally I only planned to make the mod from 117 AD!
  14. I'm currently working on remaking it in Rz's Extended Timeline V2 after a short hiatus, basically i have to remake everything, but i have almost everything remade thankfully and also added some new provinces.
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