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  1. I just realized that you've made a fanart!


    Thanks for it! I'm glad on seeing people spend their time doing that things for me!

    Also sorry for offending you before mate, I just didn't realized you had made a fanart.

    Thanks again.

    1. Xjento


      it isn't fanart its just pictures placed on each other


    2. Dolphin General

      Dolphin General

      nononono don't make end my joke xjento

    3. Xjento
  2. Mod that adds the TWR flag effect into Aoc 2, looks pretty nice so i decided to upload it. top.rar
  3. congratulations, you now have dolphin agreeing that aoh2 isn't 100% dead, just because of this man:


  4. Is this mod going to be like Bloody Europe?
  5. Lol fuck-off with that condescending shit. not my fault the AI drums up twice the amount of soldiers than me in the first 5 turns.
  6. Can you remove AI Buff or make a jar without it? I play as Eastern Romans, generate twice as much money as my enemy, i invade Rum but they summon a massive army and destroy me
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