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  1. Mod that adds the TWR flag effect into Aoc 2, looks pretty nice so i decided to upload it. top.rar
  2. Is this mod going to be like Bloody Europe?
  3. Lol fuck-off with that condescending shit. not my fault the AI drums up twice the amount of soldiers than me in the first 5 turns.
  4. Can you remove AI Buff or make a jar without it? I play as Eastern Romans, generate twice as much money as my enemy, i invade Rum but they summon a massive army and destroy me
  5. 70% of the mod is filled with useless shit like random none cold-war related maps.
  6. B.U.F PFP nice... but i think you extract the RAR file and then drag the extracted contents into the game folder. If that doesnt work download a software like WINRAR
  7. will GO4 and reform Mechanics for speer be introduced in future updates?
  8. Anglo-Irish Commonwealth Capital : London, Dublin Flag: Formed by: Munster, Leister, Ireland (Any Irish Kingdom), England, Wales, (Any Welsh or English Kingdom) Required Provinces: London, Manchester, Dublin, Cork. Claims: England and Ireland History: After the English conquest of Ireland, the Irish would cause constant revolt eventually resulting in the English government giving the Irish more power.
  9. Empire Of San Marino Formed By: San Marino, Papal States. Flag: Backstory: In Response to the rising influence of Austro-French Influence in Italy, San Marino (Heavily supported by the Papal States) Began a campaign of Conquest of Northern Italy to unify it under 1 crown. San Marino (Now the Italian Kingdom) would exert influence in the remainder of Italy and begin colonizing the New World. Power Status: Secondry Power (Rising) Year: 1550 AD
  10. It usually ruins the ability to add events for a formed nation.
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