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  1. Very good, but ...


    I see that a few provinces, especially on the shores of Marmaras, that have poorly connected provinces, besides the most painful thing is that when creating a new map, it is not possible to select the different Greek polis that you have created as well. like the other civilizations you've included, or at least I can't select / find them to create my own scenarios.

    But for everything else, it's perfect, it's very polished the different scenarios, the large number of civilizations.

    I recommend that you add Atlantis, or the Elysium empire (Byzantium in America), or the Celtic empire.


    Hello everyone, as you can see in this image, there is a robot that publishes spam about witchcraft, I make a call to report their posts and accounts, as well as to be aware of other possible bots.

    PS: I am new and I would like to do my own modification, but I don't know anything about programming.

    Any help / recommendation?


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