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  1. Hi everyone ! I have made a new alternate history map : Native World ! In this world, Europe has not become a dominant power after the fall of the Roman Empire. Because of that, nations from all over the world avoided colonisation and developped themselves, creating new Kingdoms, Republics and Empires. Nations like France, The UK, Germany, Russia, never existed because Europe stayed basically like it was 2000 years ago (With some changements of course) So in this map you can talk control of a nation you would never have think of, and build a new Empire, never seen on any other m
  2. What do you mean by scenario civs ?
  3. Infortunately its too late for your games. But for your future games u can use this :
  4. i have this but its the background of EU4. if i remember right they are the same
  5. you have to go to the main menu, click on "Editor" then on "create a scenario" then you choose the scenario where you want to change the capital, then you choose the country you want to change the capital, then u click on the city u want and select "change capital" then u click on "next" two times and then on "save" and its done πŸ˜‰
  6. Niceee keep up good work ! and take your time !
  7. I have made a map of the Cold war but REVERSED. in this scenario, the USA have become communist before WW2 and russia has become a federal republic. slowly the westerns nation of europe become communist as well. WW2 happen and germany lose but fast after the world is cutted in two parts : The side of the United Socialist States of America with his west european allies, japan, central america and the old europeans colonies that fell to communism ; and the side of the Federal Republic of Russia with his east European allies, Free France, The United kingdom (and his remaining colonies), Chin
  8. I have made a alternate scenario of Europe and the Middle-East. There is also custom alliances for a better gameplay. ( Celtic Union, Aragon Pact, The New Axis...) this map is not political, it was just made for fun so dont be annoyed about the existence or the non-existence of a country. i love making maps so ask me if you want me to do a custom scenario and i will see what i can do πŸ™‚ Enjoy ! CustomEuropeandMiddleEast.rar
  9. Celtic Union formable by : any celtic nation (wales, ireland, scoland, Brittany, Cornwall, ile of man) capital : Dublin composed of : (look up) Flag : Dcv1dy1-1fe0499c-f7b9-47d6-9628-d3749a0c92d9.webp
  10. u really like the new map ? there is stains all over the map. the countrys looks wierd, i prefer when its one full color
  11. will it be possible to also have the original map pls ? because i prefer the original one.
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