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  1. I have made a map of the Cold war but REVERSED. in this scenario, the USA have become communist before WW2 and russia has become a federal republic. slowly the westerns nation of europe become communist as well. WW2 happen and germany lose but fast after the world is cutted in two parts : The side of the United Socialist States of America with his west european allies, japan, central america and the old europeans colonies that fell to communism ; and the side of the Federal Republic of Russia with his east European allies, Free France, The United kingdom (and his remaining colonies), Chin
  2. I have made a alternate scenario of Europe and the Middle-East. There is also custom alliances for a better gameplay. ( Celtic Union, Aragon Pact, The New Axis...) this map is not political, it was just made for fun so dont be annoyed about the existence or the non-existence of a country. i love making maps so ask me if you want me to do a custom scenario and i will see what i can do πŸ™‚ Enjoy ! CustomEuropeandMiddleEast.rar
  3. Celtic Union formable by : any celtic nation (wales, ireland, scoland, Brittany, Cornwall, ile of man) capital : Dublin composed of : (look up) Flag : Dcv1dy1-1fe0499c-f7b9-47d6-9628-d3749a0c92d9.webp
  4. u really like the new map ? there is stains all over the map. the countrys looks wierd, i prefer when its one full color
  5. will it be possible to also have the original map pls ? because i prefer the original one.
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