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  1. Gerçekte Ötüken, fakat Ötüken şehir değil bölge. O bölgeye en yakın yer Erdenet şehri oyunda.
  2. You're welcome. Enjoy the game 🙂
  3. Leroy


    +1 i agree. absolutely must be religions
  4. 565AD Gokturks (Turkic Khaganate) English: * The game starts from 565 AD. * 8 different maps were used in the scenario. * There are 190 civilizations in total. * Technology levels are set realistically. * Bumin Khan was added as Gokturks leader. * 95% of the empires and tribes of 7 continents were built. * The local people living in the cities which some countries had conquered before (before 565 AD) have increased the difficulty in those cities by making more than the country's own population. You need to increase state stability in those cities. * In 522, the birth of Is
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