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  1. This mod is done wrong. Portrait must be 88x100 and .png format.
  2. DrillPeel

    mobile mods

    Get the out rn.
  3. could someone make Middle Earth map?
  4. Target of this mod is to alter your in-game cursor. Changelog: version 0.1 -Added normal and black cursors version 0.2 (1st May 2019) -Added 9 more cursors -Renamed mod to "World of Cursors" Instructions: 1.Go to assets/UI/icons, Delete original "cursors.png" Replace it with mine "cursors.png". (if you want cursors(number here).png as ingame cursor, you need to rename it into cursors.png) cursors-0.2.rar
  5. There's no need to root u can use A p k Editor
  6. Deleting posts that talks about REAL you?


  7. Its not fake Its in game
  8. This civilization has meme potential. Will it be Jan Mayen of AoC2?
  9. It isnt ruining game.
  10. Nothing. Its not a root.
  11. ...above pink line, it reads "Play as released Vassal"
  12. Also idk if map and scenarios can be added. Rest of things in assets are editable 100%. If anybody wants, you can post android tutorials here.
  13. Using A p k Editor Pro, you can edit game assets AND allows to add flags and portraits on android Link to a p k editor pro: https://apkeditorpro.com/----editor-pro-----download/ If you search on youtube, there are sone tutorials for it. I myself added swastika overlay to game.
  14. So i make myself play as 4 players, then as US i sended trade deal to mexico, britain and canada for provinces needed to form it, as Mexico i accepted it, as Britain and Canada too.
  15. Ale tłumaczenie już było w grze Chyba że chodzi o te rzeczy jakie nie zostały przetłumaczone w oryginale
  16. I dont get it. If you making some meme, get out
  17. So i made this formable civ that spans over entire continental North America. Nations that can form it are Mexico, United States, and Canada. Capital is Washington DC. You can create history behind it if you want. Its not for download tho, i just wanted to show it.
  18. DrillPeel

    Flag Competition

    So I have maded this flag for custom formable civilization.
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