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  1. Ya lo borré, pero Simon deberá arreglar algunos detalles que acaban de comentar algunos aquí
  2. Well, maybe it is because they have not published the Links despite the fact that a date was given (I had read that it was on May 15) so since they do not see the links, they ask, ask and ask. So, I imagine that some have not seen that Simón left the link of his discord to find out about the activities regarding the mod. well, I'm nobody to give an opinion in this way, I'm just saying.
  3. man, I live in Venezuela, and the phone that I carry is new until it has been able to run heavy mods without problems. I do not understand why with this and word + it makes me the exception
  4. I did it, but it's still the same I deleted cache, data, uninstalled but he does not want to get out of that 99%
  5. In Android version, its startup loading takes a long time! I had downloaded this mod to test it, when entering the game, sometimes it stays at 49% and others reaches 99% but continues to load, I said to myself: it must be because of your data or because it has many things included. But it went from 30 minutes to 1 hour max while they loaded and I couldn't test the mod because of this ...
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