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  1. TomasC8426

    1946 Scenario

    The scenario is good, but China has wrong border with Soviet Union in Manchuria
  2. TomasC8426


    Here is my scene of 1700, it may be that it is not so correct on the subject of borders On the tribal countries, if they are not well placed, they are put to fill so that it is not only colonizable land. Here is the Scenario: 1700.rar Some pics:
  3. TomasC8426

    Battle of Stalingrad [1942 Scenario]

  4. TomasC8426

    Battle of Stalingrad [1942 Scenario]

    Yes, but in 1941 United Kingdom invaded Italian East Africa
  5. TomasC8426


    I made a 1942 scenario, but it doesnt have events
  6. TomasC8426

    Battle of Stalingrad [1942 Scenario]

    Ну что ж, проверю, поставлю ли Reichskommissariats, спасибо за предложение
  7. TomasC8426

    Battle of Stalingrad [1942 Scenario]

    There are no events yet, i dont know how to do it xd
  8. TomasC8426

    Battle of Stalingrad [1942 Scenario]

    Hi, this is my first post. Im sharing my 1942 scenario. There are factions like Allies, Axis and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, but it doesn't have events. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hIYJJRW01nbvOE4XBuySCbf59-sdd8xe I accept all suggestions for Events or corrections in the provinces Europe: Asia & Oseania: Factions: Relations Germany: Relations Japan: I accept all suggestions or corrections for the provinces