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  1. This looks like it's going to be awesome. Congratulations and may this mod continue to grow a lot.
  2. @DasSoldat88 esse mod parece que vai ficar muito bom, principalmente pela criatividade na parte da história, gráficos e principalmente eventos. Os senhores da guerra do US me lembram os do The New Order. E o melhor desse mod é que ele é feito por um brasileiro com a língua principal do mod sendo pt-br.
  3. Hello @SSM4, for you to form this civilization it has to be by event, but you must choose the right candidate.
  4. everybody goes to Brazil or Brazil goes to everybody
  5. Hi @Ixnslange your problem is easy to solve. First you must open, start a new game with any nation in any scenario, then pass a turn but don't need to do anything, and finally load the save you want. Hope this helps
  6. Hello mod creator, have you added a Focus tree for Brazil or do I intend to add it in the future?
  7. OK thanks, it helps the game a lot. Two more questions: 1: You plan to add events for Reinhard Heydrich's Germany. 2: You also plan to add events for Brazil.
  8. What a different world. Russia turned into a super empire and colonized almost all of Africa and Northwest North America. Mexico annexed almost all of the United States. And Brazil annexed the entire north of South America. This original idea, My Congratulations.
  9. @Aryan The mod was very good, but there is a problem that the constructions, investing in the economy and in development are of very high value. And there's also the problem with the Rebels, especially after the end of the German civil war in Otland
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