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  1. Will the mod have a mobile version?
  2. Hi @Aryan Could you fix the scale 3 bug on the Atlantropa map in the next update?
  3. Hi @ArashTheArcher Will the Mod have events for Brazil? If the Mod doesn't have events for Brazil, I have an idea of which ones you could put: 1: The end or continuation of the new state of Get煤lio Vargas. 2: The construction of Brasilia. 3: The 1964 military coup or the continuation of the Republic. 4: The optional restoration of Brazil's empire. 5: The end of the military dictatorship in 1985 or earlier.
  4. This looks like it's going to be awesome. Congratulations and may this mod continue to grow a lot.
  5. @DasSoldat88 esse mod parece que vai ficar muito bom, principalmente pela criatividade na parte da hist贸ria, gr谩ficos e principalmente eventos. Os senhores da guerra do US me lembram os do The New Order. E o melhor desse mod 茅 que ele 茅 feito por um brasileiro com a l铆ngua principal do mod sendo pt-br.
  6. Hello @SSM4, for you to form this civilization it has to be by event, but you must choose the right candidate.
  7. Hi @Ixnslange your problem is easy to solve. First you must open, start a new game with any nation in any scenario, then pass a turn but don't need to do anything, and finally load the save you want. Hope this helps
  8. OK thanks, it helps the game a lot. Two more questions: 1: You plan to add events for Reinhard Heydrich's Germany. 2: You also plan to add events for Brazil.
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