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  1. Hello, how to change the leader in 1.0.5? I have not played TNO since June, the mechanism with the vassals was removed, now Karbyshev does not die in Omsk.
  2. What is "hre"? By the way, after 1.0.4 the save bug disappeared by itself.
  3. Hi, thanks for the mod! The problem is solved, and the new icons are great! Now there are 2 TNO scenarios: one with a real population, the other with a normal population. Will there be a TNO 2 scenario with a real population?
  4. If you have had such a problem and you understand the age of civilizations, please help.
  5. Hello. I wanted to ask one more thing: I save the game (for example, Omsk, for menia it happened many times) for about 30 turns. I close the game. Then I open it again, load the save, the menu screen flies out. I can continue the game, but when I press the next move, nothing happens. PC users, did you have this problem?
  6. Hello developer. The mod is very good, I play for hours, but there is a question. My friend has a new flag effect on his phone, but I don't on PC. Is this a bug or is there no new effect on the PC?
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