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  1. Can you make an PC download?
  2. Make an scenario of this or trollge will hunt you
  3. Casamance was a colony of Portugal located on Senegal. But it was given to France. But today they still speak Portuguese and want independence from Senegal. So I created this civilization! 1623484557445mvyhnows.zip
  4. The Big Shield Is a scenario where Italy and Japan won the WWII. (and Germany not) I didn't finish it, so I don't have the download. But soon ill have screenshots. And this scenario will have events from 1954 - 2021. The History _______________________________________________________ When Germany started Operation Barbarossa, Italy and Japan didn't declare war on the Soviet Union. Then in 1945, Germany lost. But they made an agreement. If Germany joins the war against Italy and Japan, Germany could have the same territories and have Danzig. So they accepted. In this universe, Italy joi
  5. why the hell the nations are all in random provinces
  6. é pq eu tava com mt dificuldade kkkkkkkkkkk mas dps eu tento fzr dnv
  7. is it already released? i have only the old addon+ and it is too bugged.
  8. This mod will be a mod that will add: 20 new governments; New scenarios Probably an new background; New musics; And update original scenarios from the game. Feel free to give suggestions. this is my first mod so... i dont have much ideas for this. I gave up this mod. i have so much to learn before make a mod. probably i will continue this project on the future
  9. When will the mod release? I want it so much because my PC its too weak so i can't play HOI4 without my PC turning off automatically
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