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  1. Piggybacking off of this Italian Elections never occur nor do Komi Elections(If they can even be considered that) Those are the only two I feel NotLitzky forgot to mention as the rest are spot on, especially the OAS escalating the Algerian Wars with France and Iberia
  2. Let's hope so Really don't want to see this mod have the ded So, I really hope your right on this statement But, out of morbid curiosity, what exactly brought you to that statement? Was it something from a discord or something else? I'm just curious
  3. Weimarska


    Feel like we just witnessed a stroke in the wild Elusive creatures
  4. Komi is stuck with Vorshevevsky since the update kinda broke Komi As for HRE collaspe, cant help you there im afraid as there's no way to get Tabby at the moment Same as above, update broke US of A as well You can get the events to fire however Say your playing RFK, if you switch to Social Democracy, the events fire but your stuck with Long Island and switching ideologies isn't cheap RFK is a example, it should work for the other candidates, just, may have some hell finding out their ideologies Aryan did say a patch was coming so its a matter of w
  5. Did you set aggressiveness to 0%? If not, that's why Italy is invading Germany and from what I can see, Bulgaria as well
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