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  1. (This Mode Is Only View Mode...) ■■Hearts of Iron IV■■ ●Has Capitulate System ●The Leader Can Also Change With Event, Civilization Shaping and Some Ideology Change ●Increased Assimilation Round ●Technology Score Bars Increased ●2 Scenarios ●HOI 4 UI (HiroVon) HOI 4 Color Palette (HiroVon) ●HOI 4 Full DLC Soundtracks ●HOI4 Sounds (HiroVon) PC Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h4fsQTEUFTFrA3TCSFZH4krPnl2RZjTh/view?usp=sharing Mobile Link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/d6u46hi2fxlauby Our Discord Address
  2. A Brand New Mode. Victoria II As You Know, This Is a Paradox Game Story About Queen Victoria, which Happened to Britain. In This Mode It is the Adaptation of the Game Age of History II. Scenarios That Are in the Mode; ■1600 ■1699 ■The 7-Year War ■Napoleonic War ■1836 (Main Script) ●●●FEATURES OF THE MODE●●● ◇Victoria II UI (LWC/Çağan Ayyıldız) ◇Victoria II Font ◇Refreshed Main Menu ◇New Background ◇Soundtracks of Victoria II |□■□■DISCORD■□■□| https://discord.gg/emhmZCfNXy ■■■■■MODE LINKS■■■■ ■■♤PC♤■■ https://www.mediafire.com/download/fh57071ola1n8pa
  3. The 20th Era Winning Scenarios (Via Discord), Which You Have Defined the Subject of the Finished Mod That Has Been Under Construction for 1 Years, Are Between 1900 and 1999, have been Updated UI, New Terrain Types, New Music, New Deconstructed Civilizations... My Server: https://discord.gg/emhmZCfNXy The Mobile Link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/m365ilhzd0390li PC Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YJhq-OlhUcKXFezUFebMEeS4aLx_YPFT/view?usp=drivesdk And Mode Screenshots...
  4. For Mod Scenarios •1900 •1915 •1919 •1934 •1909 •1916 •1923 •1935 •1914 •1917 •1925 •1936 •1939 •1941 •1944 •1950 •1940 •1942 •1945 •1960 •1941 •1943 •1946 •1980 •1990 •1999 Discord:https://discord.gg/emhmZCfNXy
  5. We Also Voted Concept On Discord 20th Century Winner Was This 1.0 Concept! To Determine the Next Concept; Discord:https://discord.gg/emhmZCfNXy
  6. Victory Series (2 Mods) This Will Be A Series This Mod Will Be Released This Year I Need A Publisher To Have My Voice Out (Join The Server If You Want To Be Aware Of The Developments Link: https://discord.gg/8f2aBzfkMV) This Mod To Attract A Wide Audience. It Is Not A "Victoria" Mode It Contains; =Victory II= -AoC2 Map -Modern World with an Advanced Focus Tree😱 -Likewise a World War II Independent from "Hearts of Iron IV"😎 -World War I with Events -Some Hearts of Iron IV Mods (In My Head 😉)
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