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  1. Nah you Just came too this forum too troll
  2. Good sir i see you are online, what brought you Back too the forum? 


    1. Poland_in_1939


      he is visiting the forum, just not sayin much

    2. sussolini


      yeah he visits almost every day

  3. There are rumors of aoc3 But nothing is sure about it
  4. Well i meant how yyou could make a map with map editor ön mobile
  5. I have wanted to make a mod on mobile but i dont know how to Can anyone help me?
  6. When you open the game instantly start a New game in the modern scenario After that go for 2 or 3 turns and exit that play After that it should be good Just saw somebody already explained this : /
  7. Will you make different events for the german warlords
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