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  1. Every game that Lucas jakowski has made ،has its own mood and nature. So i would try the new one.
  2. Hey man can you help me with one thing nothing hard can you tell good stats for falangism and Anarchism


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    2. Aryan79


      About the picture you had send to me, in front of revolutionary, well anarshism is an revolutionary ideology, So you have to change the world (False). 

    3. Uagquq


      Hey thanks and also I cant have the the revolutionary tag set to true because if I did that It make it a rebel government and I cant change countries ideology to Anarchism and also I have implemented what you said I have change taxes to low,military upkeep to low and set research to high 857112541_Screenshot_20220125-235304_APKEditorPro.thumb.jpg.48378cf5e0dd94ebc0679735c36ce3f2.jpgand thanks for helping

    4. Aryan79
  3. Create a discord page so that fans can better express their opinions. By the way, your mod seems good. I wish the best for you.
  4. Aryan the developer of TNO MOD, and Trian Ra the combiner of aoh2 mods with be2 codes, and lipark Japanese modder, are the people i know that can translate mods into English. You can ask them for this issue.
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